An Asymmetric Bikini for Furs Not Wanting to Soak Up The Sun

An Asymmetric Bikini for Furs Not Wanting to Soak Up The Sun

The summer holiday smell, they are just around the corner and the nerves can’t think. What to wear in the suitcase? 95% of the population chooses a Beach destination for roasting these days of rest as desired, the most abundant being is therefore swimwear. For those days when your skin tell enough of the Sun! You can go for a asymmetric model. But avoid it if you intend to take the Sun as fate had a morning (the marks on the body are not cool, and less without are asymmetric).

For this reason, today we present some very different models each other that you may end up conquering. Yes, they are a bit risky and we know it, but you know that for tastes the colors.

  • Cross halter bikini of ASOs, from 22.53 EUR.
  • With a single strap and ruffle of Je m’ t’en fous, 155,70 euros.
  • Bikini Stingers of Insight, from 42,25 EUR.
  • Asymmetric ruffle bikini Chloe’s Mouille, from 40,14 euros.

Photos | Instagram @chiaraferragni

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