Body with Curves? Tea Can Assure You Have Bikinis and Swimsuits to Choose

Body with Curves? Tea Can Assure You Have Bikinis and Swimsuits to Choose

Curves are beautiful, and swimsuit and bikini, more. Let us not fool ourselves, we are so accustomed to see it girls hairline, which even in fashion bath hard to think of key curvy. But there are options in fashion bath, we bikinis and swimwear to choose that we favor and that they strengthen our silhouette, because not all the curvy girls are the same.

A big mistake when we think in bikinis and bathing suits for girls with curves It is trying to cover at all costs. And sometimes I think we exaggerate with cover, because the retro-style bikinis arriving at the waist, like this of ASOS Curve with print of watermelon (25,35 EUR top and bottom to 22.53 EUR) sometimes add years and added pounds and don’t get a sexy image.

Not all the girls size they have a body of Kelly Brook, but she gets to lengthen the leg and enhance your silhouette hourglass with a bikini strips. Welcome to be powerful hips, women have hips and no to hide them.

Bathing suits for girls with curves

If your weak point is the waist and gut, but your legs are thin in comparison, the bathing suits they can be a solution for Tan. Taking advantage of the sales in Women’ Secret We can buy cheap ones Shaper swimwear they feel of a fable (I have one and I love it):

  • Bathing suit of moles to 24.99 euros.
  • Bathing suit of rays which create a slimming optical effect, 24.99 euros.

In ASOS Curve They also have some models of swimwear that stylize the silhouette:

  • Blue swimsuit with steering wheel for 49,29 euros. The steering wheel It will give volume to your chest if your silhouette is type triangle.
  • Black swimsuit from Miraclesuit by 169 euros. The deep Vee neckline aid to stylize the figure also fixing the attention to a strong point of many women with kilos: chest.

Choose which bikini if I am curvy?

Even if you have some extra pounds, If your figure is hourglass type, compensated marked waist and chest and hips, any bikini you sit well.

If you have an large chest size, Select a bikini with rings that hold well and type halter necklines. These two models are of Gisela, available up to size 100, 105 with B and C cups.

  • Tropical print bikini by 33,96 EUR.
  • Bikini in choral tone by 31.41 EUR.

Although in Etam You can find plain and patterned bikinis with D and E cups up to.

If your figure is type triangle, with hips wider than your shoulders, you can enhance your chest with bikinis push up as this model with ethnic print at 31.41 EUR. In hip black tape helps make it look smaller.

If your hips are narrow and have broad shoulders, uses shorts and panties with Ruffles and ties that compensate for the silhouette. Fasteners type triangle will help to create the appearance of more narrow shoulders. We propose this bikini of Etam available up to size 44 (although the model is much thinner), part of above for 19.90 euros and part below for 16,90 euros.

Brands that are very useful combine different parts of up and down. If you are looking for volume at the top, select prints or stripes on bra and smooth panties. On the other hand, if you want to enhance the hips and ass and hide the chest, opt for dark and smooth bras and panties with rays, Lunar, and prints and vivid colors.

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Fashion bath in Jezebel

  • Let completo Beach with texture: fall yielded to its accessories!
  • Bikinis push up that we need an extra voluptuousness


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