Burkini or Topless… The Controversy Is at The Ends

Burkini or Topless… The Controversy Is at The Ends

We are in the debate on the use of the burkini (swimwear for Muslim women that covers the whole body except face, hands and feet) on the beaches of France. Already there are four French cities (Cannes, Villeneuve-Loubet, Sisco and Le Touquet) which have banned this garment its beaches, but the funny thing is that many parts of the rest of the world what is penalized is going topless. Two extremes in the debate.

The French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, supports the vetoes that have been rendered in such localities, and to this must be added that in France is already prohibited also the Burka (part covering the whole face) and the Niqab (part which only seen eyes). The objective is, according to Daniel Fasquelle, Mayor of Le Touquet, ‘ avoid altercations that have already occurred for example in Sisco (Corsica) and * ‘fight against all extremist behaviour’. The Muslims want to extend it by the Western countries, but the question is: should Western countries ban it? In many cases it is seen as a symbol against the equality of women.

In addition, in France there are two laws that prohibit certain religious clothing: the law banning the veil in French schools (2004) and the law that prohibits dress the full burqa in all public places (2010), that vetoes the use of this garment and any that cover the face and makes it difficult for well identification. At the moment, first sanctions have been in Cannes with fines from 38,00 EUR.

Cara Delevingne

And this whole debate collides, when in the United States there are a lot of States where it is forbidden to do topless and the same is true in Brazil, a country that hits this decision, since its beaches you can see the girls wear thongs in its tiniest version. Even in 2014 was the movement ‘Released the nipple’ (Free the Nipple) in which women show her chest in social networks. Cara Delevingne y Rihanna they joined this initiative. What annoys you more?

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