Collection Bath Promise The Querras Toda Para Ti!

Collection Bath Promise The Querras Toda Para Ti!

Promise those firms that are unknown to most and when you discover her love is. It is a Catalan company but twice a year his proposals come to Madrid to see them. I go to their showroom to discover your collection summer 2014 and I am fascinated with the variety in swimwear, both in designs and patterns, but always with one very romantic line.

The models created by Roser Samon they are sophisticated, very feminine and sensual. Loaded with color, romantic pictures vichy, sailor look floral prints or tropical, and smooth in white or black. My Favorites are the Brazilian models, some of them with less chest girls filling, since all prints are cute.

The swimsuit also has hole in this collection, always very youthful style and without losing that extra touch that all parts. To complete the look, you can find t-shirts clothing: dresses, kafkanes,

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Fashion bathroom spring-summer 2014

  • An asymmetric bikini for furs not wanting to soak up the Sun
  • Body with curves? I assure you that you have bikinis and swimsuits to choose
  • Let completo Beach with texture: fall yielded to its accessories!


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