Do We Accept Swimsuit Body to Look Outside of The Beach?

There is a proposal that is recurring every summer fashion magazines: bathing suits they not only serve to the beach or the pool, you can them look as if they were a body along with skirts or shorts, and thus make them out of the water. It has always seemed to me a little absurd. Call me strange, but I don’t see me in a swimsuit out overnight, even with this beautiful bathing suit from H & M’s retro style.

Rising from this category washer stamping wallpapeat H & M combine r, which cost 29.99 euros, with black palazzo pants. The truth is that bathing suit has a beautiful design with thin straps and deep neckline in the back that is very good to wear it with nothing at the top. But it is still a bathing suit, not a body.

But it is not the only alternative to make more use to the bathing suit that the give you a refreshing swim. This swimwear print in pink and blue for 29.99 euros it comes game of a pencil skirt with a steering wheel that is certainly not too suitable for going to the beach. What you think about this possibility to combine your swimwear with your clothes and wear it outside of their natural environment?