Do We Imagine Some Olympians Dresses by Mango?

Do We Imagine Some Olympians Dresses by Mango?

Maybe Yes? Perhaps no? As for Yes, their creativity and imagination not away much from reality. Confirmed the Dolores Cort├ęs swimwear for synchronized swimming, many news are still emerging in the respect of the Olympics. It seems that the signature Mango He was about to perform Olympic uniforms. But it has been a point and followed, not a point and apart.

As he has confirmed to us the signature, Mango was raised very seriously the possibility of Olympic uniforms but have a deadline only a month, made them desist especially due to the complexity of the more technical equipment.

The firm has commented that the COE He came in contact with them, but due to the short time it was impossible to carry out the order. According to some media such as the confidential, it was Mango who got in touch with the COE to be offered as very willing volunteers, at zero cost, for uniforms.

Either way today is the opening ceremony and what writer has no doubt is that class and courage of our athletes rise any uniform, whether Russian, low-cost or invisible, like that foolish Emperor and his new clothes.

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