Dolores CorteS at The London 2012 Olympics: Swimming Synchronized a Rhythm of Music

Dolores CorteS at The London 2012 Olympics: Swimming Synchronized a Rhythm of Music

And in keeping with the fashion of the Olympic Games, This time the turn is to the outfits will look the team of chias synchronized swimming. A few precious swimwear signed by Dolores Cortés, that is that they are designed carefully so that our girls look beautiful and stylish.

Dolores Cortés: Exercise equipment free

Is not the first time that the creator participates in the design of swimsuits for any competition, since Dolores Cortés It is responsible for models of three bathing suits for the computer exercises corresponding to the World Swimming Championship of Shanghai in 2011. And now repeat with four cute bathing suits, each of them to a different choreography.

The tango is the inspiration for the free exercise of the Duo (cover image). The designer has made a trikini that reflects this passion by the color red and the mix of overlapping fabrics a mesh. Bare back promotes the sensual and passionate nature of the exercise. The model is topped with small camellias of the same tone volume.

Exercise equipment free

These bathing suits are the most like me. It’s a swimsuit inspired a body of a marine animal. For the realization of the same cuts has used an innovative material with reflective effect and has created a bathing suit to scales mode Golden on transparent tulle.

Technical office of the Duo

The Technical office of the Duo the world of flamenco takes as a reference. For this choreography a trikini with patch, polka dot patterned structure is designed.

Dolores Cortés has prepared for this choreography a asymmetrical wallwasher structured with planes of colour with tones fluorine describing the lively and powerful nature of the exercise. Blocks of color are combined with reflective shades.

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