Four Reasons Why The World Need That Mothers Give Breast in Public (And without Cover)

Four Reasons Why The World Need That Mothers Give Breast in Public (And without Cover)

Breastfeeding in public is an act that continues to receive criticism from some people so much if it is made in the street as if done indoors as museums, bars, restaurants, swimming pools, etc. This makes that many women doubt if breastfeeding their babies or children when they know that someone could bother and that in many cases looking for an intimate place to do so, or you are covered for nursing.

However, there is four reasons why the world needs that mothers give breast in public, uncovered, the baby, and now to going them to explain:

1. because babies have a right to be fed when they need it

A baby taking chest exclusively has no other food you take, and don’t have it because exclusive breast-feeding is the best thing that you can receive the first 6 months of life. This past time Yes you can start to eat other things, breastfeeding the baby is not only food, but in situations of agglomeration, of distrust, anxiety, will also ask chest to snuggle into his mother’s arms, suck a little and regain calm.

By this I mean that a baby has the right to suck there wherever you are, When so required, either by hunger or because you need a bit of peace and quiet.

There are women who invited to do so in a basin, in a corner, or in an area away from other people to be “more comfortable” or to “not bother”. This is discrimination as nursing mother and no one should allow such treatment.

Different mother Yes want to be intimate, but one thing is to be a choice of the mother and another that force you to do so. Is like the boards of Nursing: nursing mothers at a given site were created if they want to use them to feed your baby, not to hide all the mothers there inside so that others don’t see them.

The baby does not have why wait until her mother look for and find a place to breast-feed, so a mother should be able to breastfeed your baby there wherever he was, because the last thing a woman should feel to be mother, is that you have to hide from society as it.

2. because children have to learn what is lactation

Sit in a park with a baby to give chest is one of the most grateful things that can be done. Yes, it is true that can come some Ladinos or some crazy to say some expletive, but it is not the most common. However, if can happen that one or several children begin to approach to ask the woman for the baby and for that strange Act that they are taking place.

“Eh look, that baby is sucking the teat of your mother!”. Approach, and ask MOM what the baby, why chupa you teta it, and mother, with the patience that characterizes new mothers, doubts will responding to each one: “you are eating”, “because I was hungry”, “Yes, much like”, “Yes, I also love me”, “no, not bites me because it has no teeth” , “no bites me, although it does have teeth”, “clear, but it is that he can not eat snacks like you and takes teta”, “Yes, salt milk”, “Yes, is warm”, etc..

Sure some kid will know what is that, because it has a little brother that also breast or remember that not long ago also nursed, and may help the mother to give explanations to the other children. But there is no better way of normalising breastfeeding and taught to respect the Act of breastfeeding that allow kids to watch babies being breastfed and that they know what is. Hard these children never get to see rare or objectionable that a woman, in the future, breastfeed your baby.

3. because men need to understand that feeding is another function of the chest

I don’t know any man who was shocked seeing women in swimwear ads throughout the city, or know of any man who is shocked when she sees women dressed scantily clad down the street, or doing top less at the beach. Sure there are some, but personally I have never heard that this had happened. However, yes I have seen and heard men groaning for some women breastfeeding their babies in his presence.

This is because they have very clear the woman’s breast erotic function, but not both the function and organ. Within each breast (explain it if anyone still does not know it) there is a mammary gland which is in charge of producing after birth a living fluid tissue we call breast milk making transfer of nutrients and substances from the mother to the baby (prebiotic and probiotic bacteria, enzymes, hormones, immune cells and a long etcetera) to facilitate their growth, development and survival at birth.

Both functions, the erotic and the organic, are a relative of the female breast exposure but many men like them in the first case, when they feel that their vision is directed to them, and you resent in the second case, when they know that it will not to run them.

Hide is a way of giving the reason these men, and failure to do so is a way of telling them that open mind and do a hop in the evolution, that if we have been able to leave behind the man of Cro-Magnon, it should not cost us both understand this.

4. because women learn to breastfeed babies watching other women breastfeeding

A few years ago at an Ohio Zoo, was born a bouncer who was raised in captivity. Already adult, became pregnant and had a baby gorilla. As a mother, took care of her offspring in the best way that knew, but it was not enough because didn’t know how to breastfeed. I had never seen any Gorilla breastfeeding and had no notion that she might be who feed her calf. Your baby gorilla died.

When she was again pregnant carer of the bouncer thought I had to do something to show to breast-feed, so he called the la Leche League: several nursing mothers voluntarily went to the Zoo to nurse in front of the pregnant Gorilla, in order to show you how feeding a newborn baby. At first ignored them much, but as it came the moment of birth began to show more interested in what these women did.

It was not enough: when the second brood was born mother began to go crazy because, again, I knew what I had to do. The caregiver quickly called la Leche League again and a parent volunteer rushed to the zoo to help her. Slowly, was doing step by step what the Gorilla mother to do to feed their brood: first put the baby against his chest and put it in the right position so that he could begin to suckle on his left arm; He took his chest with his right hand and guided the nipple so it was kissing lips to provoke reflection of search and open the mouth. Once the mouth was wide open, approached the baby to his chest with a rapid movement of the arm and it began to suck. The Gorilla looked at what she was doing and began to imitate the step-by-step movements, until with a sigh of relief, he looked down and He saw that her Gorilla baby was sucking her breast and, finally, she was managing to calm him down and feed.

This story is well known in la Leche League and often shared when you want to explain that babies are born knowing to breastfeed, but the mothers aren’t born knowing to breastfeed. With breastfeeding is learn, and although every woman know that breastfeeding is to put the mother’s breast into the baby’s mouth, it is necessary to know much more.

The culture of breast-feeding has existed since the beginning of our species. As soon as they began to form the first settlements the women began to transmit such information from each other, and then between generations. Thus, the women learned of their girlfriends, sisters and known, and their mothers, aunts and grandmothers, explaining how is breastfeeding, what feels, how normal is that it hurt or not hurt, how to solve problems, etc. To get the revolution’s artificial milk and bottle, the women began to believe that they were not able to breastfeed, began to believe that milk artificial was better (so was advertised) and knowledge passed to health professionals, far from help, because they neither knew much, confirming suspicions: “so, Madam, your child goes hungry –give bottle”.

Those ladies are now our mothers, and although many Yes breastfed and know it, many others did not, or did little, and can not help today’s women to breastfeed their babies.

For this reason women who are pregnant should be able to see other women breastfeed: in the groups support (ideal if you want to nurse your baby and learn about the problems and solutions that may happen), in the Park, street, in the supermarket queue, at the Bank, at the bus stop, metro, in the Museum, more crappy bar and more luxury restaurant,…

The world should become in a “breastfeeding friendly” place, or friend of breastfeeding, because babies thank it, their mothers also, and at the same time all that person that he still has much to learn about the substance that has allowed that today there is humanity.


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