Goldenpoint Collection Bath 2012: The Swimsuit Manda

I’m realizing that this season the bathing suit It is build with force in our summer wardrobe. Different firms more models of regulars have included in their collection and Goldenpoint is one of them.

Back was the idea that bathing suit is to hide the female form. Now they reinvent themselves and are much less classical and more sensual. Goldenpoint makes this garment a weapon of seduction for women of all ages, ideal to show our female charms this summer.

This season we find swimsuits with different prints and cuts, like the two-tone model Check, black with white polka dots, adorned with charming waist ruffle detail. It features thin straps that removed so not marks left us at the neckline.

The smooth swimwear they are the must have. Divine is this original neck design with a filler for a greater grip and halter neck band.

The one-piece swimsuit not passing fashion, stylized figure, and whether it is Black more. A color classic and wardrobe, that brings a touch of elegance to the sunny days of summer.

And all models are carved in material of ultra fast drying.