Iron Pedro Swimsuits Collection

Iron Pedro Swimsuits Collection

And continue with proposals of bath linen, This time of signature Pedro de el Hierro, one of my favorite clothes, and we saw a wonderful collection of night. There are a variety of models, colours and patterns to suit your taste, typical of its line of Ready-to-wear.

Elegance and glamour the firm also appreciated in these beautiful designs of bikinis and bathing suits. And of course, each piece has to be accompanied by the perfect complements to look trendy and stylish. And it is that you can not forget a detail on the beach look.

The collection is divided into three topics:

The first, is inspired by the brightness of the warm colors such as bruising, terracotta and Fuchsias, mixed together, get an effect of strength and sensuality in clothing. The lines are refined and adapt perfectly to the body. It is the case of Fuchsia bikini being all models which I like most. It’s divine!

Cooler tones, inspired by all the pigments in the water are used in the second and adding in addition, touches of white and red, giving a maritime air to the whole. Accompanied, why not, a caftan like this to go down to the beach.

In this part of the collection, the forms are varied and their peculiarity prints and jacquards with the logo printed in the firm, as klein blue bikini.

The third and final trend, is the more sophisticated by the elegance of its cuts, sobriety in colors (white and black) and the touch of luxury such as rhinestone applications.

And all Beach look can not miss accessories that complement this line: towels, sandals, baskets of beach, Caftans, etc, all with a very feminine style and colorful.

Towels colourful as my love.

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