Matt Damon in The Informant or How to Not Look in Summer

Matt Damon in The Informant or How to Not Look in Summer

Tacky is the word that best defines the style that must make Matt Damon for his next film, The Informant. It is the living example of the Torrent American which are only missing sandals with white socks to the Micheal Jackson.

As well comment Poprosa classmates look is fatal. It is a mixture of Magnum, researcher with its classic Hawaiian shirts and a style of particular dentist. Styling stripe side with semiondulado hair and glasses of death.

In addition, in what head should wrap you this horrible vermilion Orange swimsuit? By the way, the actor has it has gained several kilos by demands of the role and actually appears far removed from the athletic and sexy image that portrayed in other works like the Bourne trilogy or even innocent at The Good Sheperd.

So, with Matt Damon in this gruesome style which can be displayed is not walking in the pool or on the beach this summer:

  • Forget sandals and socks
  • Goodbye to Hawaiian shirts
  • Looking for swimwear flattering, not monochromatic
  • Change its wide glasses by a Wayfarer from Ray Ban
  • If you have a tummy because forget open shirts, be more discreet
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