Pull & Bear Summer 2012: Let’s Go to The Beach That Now Heats The Sun!

Pull & Bear Summer 2012: Let’s Go to The Beach That Now Heats The Sun!

Swimwear, especially one that comes months before that move us into the summer, tends to be an aspect of collections which is normally neglected and not pampers both as the rest unless you edit a line dedicated exclusively to it. That often happens in signatures as Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein and Armani but the increasingly Low Cost firms to also give more importance.

Pull & Bear, without going any further, he dedicated a quite complete collection in which nothing is missing completely: plants, towels, t-shirts, slippers (flip-flops to the more English-speaking) and even a pampered eyewear collection. All at a reasonable price and loaded with color… What more ask for?

As regards bathing suits, the offer is not very wide but selected models are quite successful. From simple patterns with pastel on dark blue backgrounds and long over the knee…

… shorter with close to loop, classic design and also prints in bright colors that, without being discreet, saved the repairs.

Of course if ours is a more surfer style, bathing suits of below-knee length they are also available, with more tropical prints and colors more electric.

Not everything on the beach are bathing suits, of course. Sisa stylish navy t-shirts and color cakes to take road to our bathing session in the Mediterranean…

… and one careful collection of borsalinos made of raffia with varied designs and very neutral colors ranging from creams, Browns, with additional decoration that usually consist of tape around it to.

Similarly, if ours is a style less preppy and more urban and informal, the visors can be our best option, having several models printed alphanumeric in the collection also.

The fashion eye-wear consists of glasses rimmed plastic and not graduated crystals (I think it goes without saying it, but just in case) covering from the models Wayfarer…

… up to the requested Aviator model with a touch more naive and pastel colours to give you greater happiness to the whole.

Finally, your beach footwear collection, composed mainly of flip-flops (or havaianas, which sounds more exotic), soles of Cork and strips of plastic in electric colors such as the passion red, lime green or Canary yellow.

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