The Child Bathing Suits Collection of Etam

The Child Bathing Suits Collection of Etam

The ETAM collections for women, they are very stylish, trendsetters and convey authenticity. Now and how not only has to be a perfect treat for today’s woman, also launched a child bathroom collection. The proposed models can be seen in images for the 4, 6 and 8 years old kids with a composition of polyamide, elastane, polyester and cotton.

Designs include bathing suits y bikinis with vichy pictures and with stripes that girls feel comfortable and encourage to enjoy the water. Here at FindJobDescriptions you can get more different models and styles. The price of designs that are shown is of 9,90 EUR and they can be purchased in stores and on the Internet. The designs, which we have seen at home with the small, liked us although we are left with the desire to dare to manufacture swimwear for older girls. The image shows the design of the so-called striped swimsuit Violette.

Bathing suit Dolly with stamped vichy detail loop:

Bikini Dolly with stamped vichy detail loop:

Bikini Dolly with printed pictures (red):

Bikini Dolly with printed pictures (green):

Bikini SENA stripes (Pink):

Bikini LIRY Flower print triangle:

In addition all bathing suits and bikinis can be game patterned dresses that girls live their experience of beach or pool in the coming summer.

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